Comparing the effectiveness of refractory, weld overlay, thermal spray, and high-velocity thermal spray

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Many operators and engineers report the complexity of understanding and predicting WtE and Biomass boiler corrosion rates. The same plant operating several lines and feeding from the same bunker of mixed waste can report varying corrosion rates between the lines.

This white paper talks about the pros and cons of commonly used corrosion mitigation technologies, featuring:

  • Statistics and Graphs, from boiler OEMs, Prewin and other sources
  • Case Studies
  • Images and Figures, illustrating problems and solutions

You will learn how to:

  • Prevent forced outages and increase plant availability
  • Prevent tube leaks and repairs
  • Choose an appropriate corrosion solution, considering time, costs, and longevity


Cyril Narjoz, boiler maintenance expert with 20+ years experience in specifying and applying various solutions for WtE and Biomass boilers.

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“As the WtE and Biomass market rapidly grows, burning an ever-increasing variety of different fuels, boiler engineers will face more arduous corrosion and erosion metal wastage challenges.”

- Cyril Narjoz, IGS Boiler Maintenance Expert