How to Stop Acid Gas Corrosion in Amine Systems





Corrosion problems and controlling corrosion in amine treatment units

Amine systems are subject to corrosion mechanisms that are generally not found in other areas of the refinery. Even though these mechanisms are well known, and amine systems are designed to handle these challenges, they can continue to suffer from aggressive internal metal wastage.  

This is due to many factors including:

  • the increased demand for capacity
  • changing quality/purity of the process feed

As a result, operators run units outside of their ideal design conditions.

This webinar  features:

  • Corrosion as one of the main causes of amine system failure and unplanned shutdowns.  
  • The causes of carbon steel corrosion in amine systems, highlighting the key corrosive agents (e.g. acid gases, oxygen, heat stable salts etc.) and corrosion mechanisms provided for carbon steel exposed to amine solutions and for amine regenerator overhead systems containing aqueous condensate.  
  • Different modes of carbon steel cracking in amine service along with measures for their mitigation.

Corrosion in Amine Systems | Sneak Peak | Short Video Preview

Amine System Shutdown Reduces Output and Capacity

Revenue losses from an unplanned amine plant shutdown are significant, in both gas plants and refineries, an amine unit shutdown directly reduces output and capacity, with accumulating costs from production losses only running into the hundreds of thousands of US dollars per day.  

Corrosion Management in Amine Units

A preventative maintenance strategy combined with effective corrosion management is a key requirement to minimize amine system downtime.

Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA)

To address these challenges in an operating hydrocarbon plant, a robust, fit for purpose, field applied solution is required.  This webinar presents a technology that has been highly successful in delivering long term internal surface protection for more than 80 amine units over the last 20 years.  The webinar will explain how the technology was developed and functions, as well as presenting numerous documented case histories, from initial application to subsequent inspections.

Learn How to

  • Prevent forced outages and emergency shutdowns
  • Extend maintenance-free periods
  • Choose an appropriate corrosion solution, considering time, costs, and longevity


Colin Bateman, a protective coating/cladding expert with 20+ years of experience in specifying protective solutions to mission-critical assets.

"The amine unit plays a vital role in the petroleum refining, gas processing, coal gasification, and ammonia manufacturing industries. Analyzing 400 cases of major amine system failure, it is clear that the most frequent failure areas facing both sweet and sour amine treating systems are foaming, product quality, and corrosion.

Effective corrosion management is an important aspect of amine system management. To address these challenges in an operating hydrocarbon plant, a robust, fit for purpose, field applied solution is required. "

- Colin Bateman, IGS Mission-Critical Equipment Maintenance Subject Matter Expert